Latinos Boost Enrollment at Mass. Universities

New numbers show that Latino students are driving public college and university enrollment growth in Massachusetts, the  Boston Globe reports.

Between 2008 and 2011, Latino enrollment increased by 50 percent at the state’s public colleges and universities, compared with an enrollment increase of 7 percent for non-Latinos. The increase in Massachusetts’ overall college enrollment comes even as the number of high school students in the state is falling. The number of older students, ages 25 or older, is also fueling growth.

“The data tell an important story, namely that many of our campuses continue to see remarkable growth while also serving as critical gateways for under served populations,” said Richard M. Freelance, state commissioner of higher education, the newspaper reported.

Private colleges are also making inroads in Massachusetts.

Over the summer, NBC Latino reported on some of the successful efforts being made by Massachusetts private colleges to recruit more Latinos. Wheelcock College in Boston has promoted partnerships with K-12 schools. In one program, college students mentor boys in grades 4 and 5. Amherst College tries to encourage more Latino students to visit campus and connect with Hispanic students who are already enrolled.

In your state, is Latino college enrollment growing? And what efforts are colleges taking to recruit more Hispanic students?

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