Achievement of Latino Boys Continues to Lag Behind Girls

We often hear about the achievement gaps between Latino students and their non-Hispanic peers, but a significant achievement gap also exists among Latino students themselves: Boys trail significantly behind girls. Boys tend to be more likely to drop out of high school and less likely to graduate from college, for example.

New York University professor Pedro Noguera recently addressed the challenges faced by Latino and African-American boys in an opinion piece that appeared in Education Week. He also pointed out that boys are more likely to be placed in special education programs and less likely to be enrolled in gifted programs than girls. “These patterns have become so common and widespread that a recitation of the dismal statistics no longer generates surprise or even alarm,” Noguera writes.

He notes that many communities are turning toward single-sex classes and schools as one possible solution, but research about these practices doesn’t clearly demonstrate that they are effective remedies. Noguera calls for more research regarding what does (and does not) work.

Are there programs specifically targeting improving the performance of Latino boys in your community? What seems to be effective?


2 thoughts on “Achievement of Latino Boys Continues to Lag Behind Girls

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