Initiative Seeks to Boost Number of Latino Teachers

The lack of Latino teachers is a continuing narrative in education. Even as schools grapple with a growing Latino student body, the number of Latino teachers remains low — despite studies that show minority students perform better when taught by teachers of color.

Now, Teach For America has teamed up with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund in an effort to recruit more Latino teachers.

According to an announcement on the Teach For  America website, only 8 percent of the organization’s incoming teacher are Latinos, compared to 40 percent of the 600,000 taught by TFA corps members.

The initiative will award scholarships for Latino college students seeking degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines– creating a Latino recruiting pool for Teach For America.

Some questions for education reporters to answer: What is behind the dearth of Latino teachers? What is being done to bring more Latino teachers into classrooms? Do predominantly Latino schools perform better with more Latino teachers?

One thought on “Initiative Seeks to Boost Number of Latino Teachers

  1. Given that 75% of TFA interns have left the Oakland, California, schools three years after they began, this organization seems like a strange place to start if we want to systemically improve the number of Latino teachers in our schools. Why recruit people into the profession who have no intention of making it a career?

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