Do School Leadership Ranks Reflect District Demographics?

This recent story in the Sun-Sentinel about concerns a Palm Beach County Latino group raised has reminded me of an important facet of covering education: school boards and administrator ranks.

According to the story, the Hispanic Education Coalition of Palm Beach County believes that a lack of Latino representation on the school board and in school leadership positions is negatively affecting student achievement. The coalition is calling for “a new superintendent with a “proven” record of minority student improvement, along with more Hispanics serving as teachers, principals, senior administrators and school board members.”

The group pointed out that “there are no Hispanics among the seven board members, the 24 senior district administrators, or the 21 educators promoted to the principal ranks this summer.”

In a district that is 28 percent Latino, only 7 percent of principals and administrators and 9 percent of teachers are Latino, noted reporter Marc Freeman.

Do the school boards and leadership ranks in your district reflect the student population? Have they kept up with changing demographics? If not, are any community groups raising concerns about representation?

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About Monica Rhor

I'm a journalist who has covered education, immigration, and Latino issues for the Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Associated Press and Miami Herald, and a regular contributor to Latina Magazine and the Houston Chronicle. I'm also an educator with experience teaching English and Journalism.

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